Video Learning Modules Promoting Recovery in the Workplace


Because of the nature of their work, employees of certain occupations, such as farming, construction, hospitality management, manufacturing and oil and gas refinery, can often be at greater risk of developing an opioid addiction. Employers and employees can help stem the tide of opioid addiction by learning to recognize early warning signs of opioid use disorder and connecting employees to treatment and recovery support. Stand Up, Mississippi has developed the Opioid Workplace Awareness Initiative Toolkit to provide practical resources that employers and employees can use to create healthy, supportive work environments for Mississippians who may be at greater risk for opioid dependence and addiction. Included in the toolkit are three video modules that address Opioid Use Disorder Awareness, The Impact of Opioids for Employers and Employees, and Creating a Recovery Friendly Workplace.


Learning Module 1:
Recognize the Warning Signs of Substance Use Disorder

Opioid Module 2

Learning Module 2:
The Impact of Opioids for Employers and Employees

Opioid Module 3

Learning Module 3:
Create Recovery Friendly Workplaces